What’s Your Mantra?

After a long week, I was jumping up and down for joy when I received the first issue of Fitness Magazine in the mail (yes, the little things make me happy). I came across a Living Social deal a couple months ago that I couldn’t pass up. A two year subscription to a selection of magazines for $7. Yeah, yeah, I know I can go online and read all of the material and then some for free, but there’s just something so exciting about getting a new magazine in the mail every month!

Fitness Magazine

While the headlines, “Flat Abs! Firm Butt! Killer Legs!” and “Drop Two Sizes!” initially peaked my interest, it was the inspirational stories of readers that grabbed my attention. One in particular is Gretchen, who in 2010 decided to make her health a priority after her dad had a heart attack. She was headed down the same path and decided to do something to make a change. She started jogging, fell in love with it, and lost 139 pounds. To stay motivated, she signed up for a race each month and is training for her biggest race yet: a full marathon.

Next to a photo that shows her proudly displaying her finisher’s medal (that will be me one day!), there are readers’ running mantras. The two that immediately stood out after yesterday are:

“I am not in it to win it. I am in it to finish it.”-Andrea, Boston

“No matter how your run goes, you’re already lapping everyone on the couch.” -Alexandra, Marietta, Georgia

Amen to that.

A few others from Pinterest that made me smile:


What’s your mantra that gets you through a tough workout, a race, or a bad day?

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