Refresh My Playlist

I threw a wish in the well,

Don’t ask me, I’ll never tell,

I looked to you as it fell,

and now you’re in my way…

Hey, I just met you,

and this is crazy,

but here’s my number,

so call me, maybe?

It plays over… and over… and over…and over. Not only on the radio, but in my head. I find myself singing it without even realizing it. Such a catchy tune. So much so that the first time I heard it, it when straight on my iPod. It completely bypassed that maybe I like this song, I need to hear it again to be sure status.

Even the dogs can’t get enough…

Now, I think it’s starting to overstay its welcome.

I need new music. Bad.

I’ve been searching the various suggested playlists online, but nothing is really catching my eye.

This is where I need your help.

The temps have been hovering over 100 degrees lately, so many of my runs are on the treadmill. I need music that’s going to keep my energy up and keep me from getting too bored.

What are some great running songs? Songs that you listen to during your high intensity workouts? Songs that never get old?

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