My Fitness Bucket List

I started thinking about what I wanted to achieve during my lifelong fitness journey. I figured the best way to keep track was to create My Fitness Bucket List.

This is what made the cut. One down, many more to go! Can’t wait to see what I can cross off next!

1. Complete a 5k  (completed 5/20/12)

Megan's First 5k

2. Run a 5k without walking

3. Complete an 8k (completed 7/21/12)

4. Complete a 10k

5. Complete a half marathon

6. Complete a full marathon

7. Complete a race in every state

8. Complete an international race

9. Run a Disney race

Run Disney


10. Run under Christmas lights

11. Proudly wear a finisher medal

12. Learn to swim properly – If you pushed me in a pool, I wouldn’t drown. But I have no idea how to do different strokes…does a back float count?

13. Complete a mud run

14. Go zip-lining

15. Workout with a celebrity trainer: Dolvette Quince, Bob Harper, Jackie Warner, Chris Powell…I give you permission to kick my butt!

Dolvette Quince


16. Have my very first spa day

17. Cook a healthy meal with a celebrity chef

18. Complete Run For Your Lives zombie run

19. Play a game of tennis properly – not just hitting the ball back and forth over the net

20. Work out with a Biggest Loser contestant

21. Run in a tank top without feeling self conscious

22. Run in the rain (completed 7/21/12)

23. Take a spinning class and last the entire time

24. Complete (and survive) the Go Ape Treetop Adventure course – I’m terrified of heights

25. Learn to surf

26. Learn to paddle board

27. Stand up on water skis for more than 5 seconds

28. Go skiing for the first time

29. Swim with dolphins

30. Try yoga

31. Take a group exercise class

32. Participate in a dragon boat race

33. Learn to meditate

34. Do a real pushup (no knees)

35. Do a real pullup

36. Go white water rafting

37. Go snorkeling

38. Go scuba diving

39. Lift 50 pounds or more

40. Get back on a bike


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