Weekend, Interrupted

I had big plans this weekend. Big plans for relaxing. It was going to be super hot, with estimated temps over 100 degrees. All I wanted to do was spend my weekend getting a few runs in and the rest of the time enjoying the AC on the couch reading my latest issue of Fitness magazine.

No go.

I live in the DC area, and we were pummeled by a rare derecho Friday night.

As Mark and I were watching the Olympic trials, the storms moved in and we suddenly lost power around 10pm. The thunder and lightening was super intense. I looked out my kitchen window and the sky lit up with orange and pink hues. It looked like the Fourth of July fireworks came early.

But the worst thing was the wind. There were reported gusts of up to 80 mph. It was scary.

DC Derecho

Derecho in action


The storms didn’t last too long, but the damage was extensive. Over one million people lost power. Trees and power lines are down EVERYWHERE.

Businesses were closed. Grocery stores lost all of their frozen food. Traffic lights were out all over the place. The few gas stations that have gas were lined up with people scrambling to fuel their cars. Some people were in line for over three hours! Crazy!!

The power company is estimating that power won’t be restored until Friday. Aaaaah!!!

So Mark and I had to scramble to find some place to go. The temperature was rising in the house and we couldn’t stay. It was unbearable. We packed up the dogs and a few belongings and headed to my mom’s house. I’m thanking my lucky stars that her power was restored within a few hours.

We went back to our house yesterday to check on things, and we just about passed out when we walked in the door. The smell of spoiling food was awful. We had to toss EVERYTHING.

Empty Fridge

Empty Freezer


Not how I wanted to spend my weekend at all. While it was extremely annoying, I realize it could have been so much worse. I’m still alive (13 people lost their lives due to the storms) and there was no damage done to the house or our cars. Some people were not so lucky.

Tree on House

This huge tree fell on a house just down the street

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we’ll have power within the next day or two. Once that happens, we can return home. And go grocery shopping!

I’ve had to rely on fast food since so many grocery stores lost their inventory and many restaurants were closed. It’s amazing how eating differently for a few days can really affect your energy level. I’m feeling super sluggish.

So healthy eats are in order.

Any suggestions since I have a whole refrigerator and freezer to fill?

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2 thoughts on “Weekend, Interrupted

    • We just got our power back on yesterday. It’s been a crazy week! The DC area is under a heat warning this weekend. I hope you stay cool!

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