Ice Cream on the Square

One of my favorite places is Rockville Town Square. It’s a cute little square filled with quaint shops and delicious restaurants. There’s an art center, VisArts, that supports local artists, as well as an organic market that is set to open this fall (so excited).

In the winter, there’s an ice skating rink in the center of the square. In the summer, there is an outdoor fountain where kids can play. There are outdoor concerts every weekend. At dusk, the trees lining the streets are lit with white lights. It’s beautiful.

To celebrate their five year anniversary, Rockville Town Square has been hosting celebratory events all week. Today, there was free ice cream from Marble Slab Creamery. I was so there.

They offered a free cup (chocolate or vanilla) to each person in line. We got there just in time. Only five minutes after we got ours, they ran out.

Ice Cream on the Square

It was nice to sit and people watch as I ate my creamy, rainbow sprinkle topped chocolate ice cream. The only downside was that it’s still extremely hot. Over 95 degrees outside. While the ice cream helped cool me off, I do have to admit that I was jealous of all of those cute kids running and jumping through the fountain. I wished I was five years old again.

I also had a moment to envision what Saturday is going to be like. I will be running through the square during my 8k.

As of now, the weather has changed a bit. Now there is supposed to be LOTS of rain starting tonight and lasting all the way through Saturday. Keeping my fingers crossed that it lets up before race time.

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