Olympic Fantasies

The opening ceremony of the London Olympics is tonight!!!! So excited!!

I’ve been looking forward to this two week event for months now. All of my favorite shows (The Walking Dead, The Big Bang Theory) are on summer hiatus. Summer TV is BORING.

I would love to see the Olympics in person, but TV is the next best thing. I just wish I could skip work for the next two weeks to watch full coverage of each event.

I just watched an interview with Michelle Obama and she was asked what her Olympic fantasy would be. That is, what sport would she dream of competing in.

I think I might have to agree with her answer. She said gymnastics. I watched the US Olympic Trials weeks ago and was in awe. Those girls are some serious athletes.

I remember watching the 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympics and witnessing the US gymnastics Dream Team win the gold. Shannon Miller and Dominique Dawes (who’s a Maryland local) were every little girl’s idol. When Kerri Strug injured her leg and still pulled off the winning vault routine, everyone was crying tears of joy. That’s some serious girl power right there.

1996 Atlanta US Olympic Gymnastics Team

1996 Atlanta US Olympic Gymnastics Team


I would only make the cut if you factored in my height (I’m 5’2…just barely). Those girls may be small, but they are STRONG. I watched with my mouth open as they flipped and tumbled through the air. And landed on their feet.  And had no fear. I’m jealous.

I’m a scaredy cat when it comes to heights. The thought of doing a triple twist and landing on six inches of any surface scares the living crap out of me. For that very reason I failed my 7th grade PE gymnastics unit. Fly through the air on the parallel bars? Hell no. I was chubby and had no upper body strength for the rings or the pommel horse. The beam was out of the question, obviously. I could only muster up the courage to do a half ass floor routine. My biggest risk taking moment of the three minute routine was a somersault. Haha.

I’m guessing no matter what sport you play, you must have no fear to really succeed. I never played sports when I was in school (I was a band geek), so I don’t know what exactly they’re feeling. I’ve gotten to experience maybe a tenth of an ounce of that feeling recently when I ran my 5k and 8k. The feelings of comradery, support, encouragement, the will to succeed and do the best you can, and hard work are each powerful. Blend those together and it creates an experience that I’m sure is indescribable. And to represent your country on top of that? Wow. Wow. Wow. What a special life experience.

To all the athletes that are competing, good luck! I’ll be watching and cheering for every one of you. Whether or not you bring home the gold, just take in the experience and savor it. You’re part of an elite club that most people don’t ever get to experience (if you don’t count my perfect 10 couch jumping routine when I was eight).

What’s your Olympic fantasy?

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2 thoughts on “Olympic Fantasies

    • I miss the games already! The opening was beautiful! The children choirs always leave me in awe. I saw bits and pieces of the closing ceremony last night. What was your favorite part?

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