Metro Cooking DC

When a Groupon deal popped up in my inbox a month ago offering half price tickets to the Metropolitan Cooking and Entertaining Show, I was tempted to press “purchase” right then and there. What sealed the deal for me was getting the opportunity to see this lovely lady:

Giada De Laurentiis appearance at Metro Food DC

That’s right, Giada!!!

I’m a huge Food Network fan, and Giada’s show is one of my favorites. I had to jump at the chance to see her cook in person!

After my photography class on Saturday, I hopped on the Metro with Mark and my mom, and made my way to the Washington Convention Center in DC.

Metro Cooking DC welcome banner

When I walked in, I could immediately smell the mix of aromas in the air. There were hundreds of exhibitors ready to offer their delicious sweet and savory foods.

Metro Cooking DC floor

My appetite was on overdrive. I was ready to sample!!!

There was so much to choose from. Everything from white chocolate peanut butter to avocado gazpacho was offered. My taste buds were jumping for joy!


cute spices

pasta sauce

chocolate spread

After a few hours of tasting, it was show time!

We headed off to the Celebrity Theater a little early and took our seats. There were already hundreds of people awaiting Giada’s arrival.

celebrity theater

Killing time by taking cheesy self portraits.

Megan at food show

Finally, time for Giada to make her grand entrance!

I have to say, she is as nice in person as she is on her show. She’s very personable and really engaged with the audience.

Giada at Metro Cooking DC

She chose a few people to come on stage and cook with her, and the rest of the time she spent answering questions from audience members. I had a brief moment of courage and pondered going up and asking a question, but by the time I was ready there wasn’t any time left. Boo.

I was mesmerized by Giada’s charm. I think the most memorable moment was when she explained that she became a chef because she grew up seeing how food brought people together and made them happy, and she wanted to create that same happiness.

Love. Love. Love.

After the show, we went back to the exhibit floor to sample some more. While I could have gone crazy and purchased everything I tasted, I exercised extreme restraint and only brought home a few tasty treats.

My stash:

Metro Cooking DC Purchases

A great day filled with food, family, and fun. Giada was right. That’s what it’s all about.

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