The Words We Speak

It’s funny how one little unexpected moment can really make you stop and think about things. I had one of these moments tonight.

As Mark and I were cruising YouTube, we came across a clip of an interview that Alicia Keys gave recently.  What she had to say was really powerful. She was talking about the way she used to think about things. She used to verbally doubt herself. She used to say things like, “With my luck” and “This is how it will go for me.” One of her writing partners called her out on it and asked her why she said those things. It made her realize that if she says negative things like that, that’s the way her life will go. She took the word “if” out of her vocabulary and replaced it with “when.”

I realized that I do the same thing to myself. I always verbalize my self doubts and insecurities. Even if I whisper them quietly to myself, the words are still present. They are out there in the universe for myself to hear and believe. I have to stop doing it. If I start telling myself that I can do something, I will do it. If I tell myself that I can’t, then I won’t.

I started thinking about all of the negative words and phrases that I’ve told myself.

Negative Words

Pretty ugly isn’t it?

It’s a reflection of how I treat myself. I need to replace it with something more beautiful. Something more worthy of me.

Words to Live By

Starting now, I’m going to replace the ugly words with the beautiful ones. I’m realizing that the only way to kick start the journey to achieving my dreams starts with the dialogue in my mind.

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4 thoughts on “The Words We Speak

  1. The negative self talk can become such a bad habit. I’ve had trouble with it before too. I started thinking if it was something I would say to my daughter or a friend to put a better perspective on how I talk to myself.

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