Springtime Snow and Jumping High

Guess what I woke up to Monday morning?


snow on tree

The poor tulips in my front yard must be super confused. March 25th…snow…in the DC area…really??!! Crazy!

tulips in snow

Anyway, it worked out pretty well because I went in to work late. So I had no excuse not to fit in a workout in the morning. I’ve been trying to adjust my schedule so that I get up early to exercise, and this was a good introduction.

I told myself that I would work out for no more than thirty minutes. I didn’t want to push myself too much too soon. I tend to do that and burn out really easily. I also wanted to do something fun. My solution?

Trampoline jumping!

I also added weights into the mix. Summer is going to be here before I know it and I’m determined to wear tank tops with confidence this year!

trampoline and weights

I have to admit that the workout was tough. My body just isn’t used to it. Everytime it got difficult, I reminded myself of all the goals that I want to accomplish this year. That really seemed to help push me through, and made me jump higher! I felt like I was flying!

trampoline jumping

I was also reunited with my long lost endorphins. Boy, did I miss them!

I’m so happy I pushed myself. Can’t wait to jump even higher next time!

post workout bliss

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