Pushing Through The Excuses

On this lovely Friday morning, I:

  • slept through my alarm and woke up later than I wanted to
  • had a bit of a queasy stomach
  • was super exhausted after my four hour class last night

Normally, I would just use all of these reasons as excuses to put off a workout until tomorrow. Not this morning! I decided to break this vicious cycle and push through the excuses. I was only able to get in about twenty minutes of exercise, but I DID SOMETHING. I made it count and I’m pretty damn proud of myself.

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4 thoughts on “Pushing Through The Excuses

    • Thanks! So true! I thoughts of these words as I did my first run in a while this morning. Definitely helped me push through when I wanted to quit.

  1. hey — saw your post on bbb round 5, and you said you’re in the DC area on the MD side — so i thought i’d reach out to you and maybe we could connect in person one of these days. always nice to have people who have similar goals as I do! i’m erin perkins on the post. you can message me on facebook if you’d like

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