Three Hour Garlic Marinade

I love french fries, but I realize how unhealthy they can be. So I came up with my own concoction for the best oven roasted potatoes. Just as much flavor, and I don’t have to feel so guilty eating them.

The secret ingredient for making these potatoes so tasty is the marinade. It’s packed full of flavor, and it’s great on any vegetable that can be roasted or grilled.

I buy a bag of red potatoes and cut ten potatoes into small pieces. There’s no science to this. Just a rough chop is fine. I like the rustic look anyway. I put all of the potatoes into a large bowl and drizzle them with extra virgin olive oil. When the potatoes are nicely coated, I add the herbs and spices. There’s salt, dill, garlic pepper, garlic powder, and minced garlic. Do you sense the garlic theme yet? Pour in as much or as little as you like. I love the strong garlic flavor, so I use quite a bit.

I don’t like to get my hands messy, so I place a large plastic food bag over my hand and toss all of the potatoes until they are coated nicely with the garlic marinade.

You could roast the potatoes now, but I’ve found that the longer they sit and marinate, the better. Cover the bowl with foil wrap and let it sit for about three hours. Then it’s time to roast! Roast the potatoes at 375 degrees for 35-45 minutes, depending on how crisp you like the potatoes.

Now, what should I do with all the leftover marinade? I can’t let it go to waste, right?

The solution? Add a little balsalmic vinegar and more minced garlic, and you have the perfect marinated portobello mushrooms! Grilled to perfection, yum!

Three Hour Garlic Marinade Collage

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