Meeting a Biggest Loser

I headed downtown today for packet pickup. I run the DC Biggest Loser Run/Walk 5k tomorrow morning!

The doors opened at 11am for packet pickup, so Mark and I hopped on the Metro around 10:30am. The temps were cooler today (mid-80s), so I knew that a lot of people would be heading downtown. I thought we had a bit of a head start on everyone, but apparently not. The trains were crowded! I overheard some interesting conversations, including one from a group of recent high school graduates sitting behind us. One of the boys was professing his major college fear – sharing a dorm room with another boy who sports a ponytail. Oh, to be eighteen and naive.

After thirty minutes on the Metro, we walked about three blocks to Penn Social, which reminds me of an adult Dave & Busters.

Biggest Loser Penn Social

Once we got inside, there was already a line of people waiting to sign the race waiver. After I got through that line, I walked into the main area where the Health & Wellness Meet ‘n’ Greet was taking place. They had a workout demonstration going on, and there were a ton of vendors handing out samples and information. There were also clips of the show playing on the jumbo screens.

DC Biggest Loser 5k Race Expo

The line to pick up the race bibs was a bit confusing. I ended up waiting about five minutes in the line for the 10k before I realized that I had to be on the opposite side of the room for the 5k pickup. There were signs posted, but only in the front of the pickup area. With the large crowd of people, it was a bit difficult to decipher. I finally found the correct line and waited my turn.

DC Biggest Loser 5k Packet Pickup Line

They handed me my bib and a sport bag. I moved to another line to pick up my tech tee. All the waiting was worth it though because I got to meet this guy:

Michael Dorsey Before & After


Michael Dorsey from Season 14!

He is a super nice guy! Very personable! He was there with his wife and young son, who is absolutely adorable! I had the opportunity to speak with him briefly and pose for a photo.

Megan with Michael Dorsey

Look at that grin! I can’t wait to race with him tomorrow!

By the time we headed out, we were both starving so we decided to stop for lunch. A few months ago, we watched Pizza in Washington, a special that highlights some of the best local pizza in the DC area. We made a list of the ones we haven’t tried, many of which are downtown. We were only a few blocks away from We, The Pizza, so we decided to give it a shot.

I have to say it is one of the best New York style pizzas I’ve had to date. I chose to get two slices, and had the difficult task of choosing among a dozen different pies. I chose the classic cheese and white pizza. Considering its location right near the U.S. Capitol, a prime tourist destination, the prices were reasonable. Next time, I’m going to try the spinach and artichoke.

We, The Pizza Collage

After a busy day, I’m going to take the rest of the night to rest and gear up for tomorrow. I can’t wait to run my third race!

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