Yes I Can! DIY Memory Box

Since I completed my first race last year, I have been storing my race bibs and other momentos here and there. I needed a central location (aka cool storage) to hold my accomplishments. I figured if I had a memory box that has everything in one place, I could look at it when I need an extra push of encouragement or motivation to work toward my next goal.

After some browsing at Michaels, I realized that I wanted something a little more personal than the ready made boxes I was finding on the store shelves. After a trip down the scrapbooking aisle, I came across stickers of motivational words and sayings. Most of them were a little too cutsy or bridal, so I realized that the DIY route was in order.

I envisioned something inspirational, but not too extravagent or over the top. I’m a simple girl and I wanted the box to reflect that. With this in mind, I made my purchase (less than $5!) and was ready to get crafty.

The materials:

  • white memory box
  • blue/purple/pink monogram stickers (I may be simple, but I’m still girly!)
  • fine-point black Sharpy marker

The design plan was to decorate the box lid using the idea of the motivational words and sayings that I saw in the store, but use my own handwriting to make it more personal. To add an extra special touch (and sparkle), I used a monogram sticker to start each word or phrase.

I thought about each characteristic and trait that describes me. Not only who I already am, but who I want to be. Here’s what I came up with:

DIY Memory Box Words

Once the lid was filled with my feel-good words, I was ready to fill my memory box.

DIY Yes I Can! Memory Box

I look forward to filling my Yes I Can! box with more treasures as I continue my journey to self-fulfillment.

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