My First Six Mile Long Run

Guess what? I completed six miles this past Sunday!!

This is a huge accomplishment because I have never completed that far of a distance before. I must admit that when I got to the park, I ran about a half mile and wanted to quit. The day before it felt like spring. I spent Saturday with my sister and niece in a t-shirt and capri jeans and we had a glorious time swinging and sliding at the playground. Sunday was a huge 180. By the time I got to the park, what feels like the gazillionth snow storm was only five hours out, and I thought about postponing my long run because it was cold. It didn’t help that the park is undergoing renovations and the visitor center was closed, which meant no access to the indoor restrooms and I was forced to use the port-o-pot (a good lesson for holding my breath on race day, I suppose). Just as I was about to run to my car, that little voice said, “Megan, you got this. Don’t quit. Stop the excuses. Just keep going.” Luckily, I listened.

The park where I run is a park within a park, so I decided to venture out to the larger park after completing a couple laps in the smaller park. Normally I would feel a little skiddish about running on the trails alone, but there were plenty of people out walking so I felt more comfortable. I tried to use a 3:1 ratio of running to walking. There were times when I had to walk longer because of the very steep hills on some of the trail paths. I definitely felt the burn!

I was surprised about how great my endurance was. I wasn’t struggling to catch my breath very much, which was a huge first for me. What did surprise me was how bad my feet hurt. I had to stop a couple times just to give my feet a break. I was struggling trying to figure out where all this pain was coming from. It suddenly hit me that I probably need to replace my shoes. As much as it hurts to say that (shoes are not cheap!), I know it’s a necessity if I want to make it through my half marathon. I will probably buy the same pair, if possible, although I would really like to get a cool pair of shoes at some point. My feet are tiny, but they are wide, which kind of limits the shoes I can wear. This also limits me from wearing some of the cool looking shoes that are out there. Boo!

I managed to complete six miles in a little over 1 hour 20 minutes (this is a guestimation since my iPod cut off after the first half mile and I had to restart it).


I know this is slow, but for me it’s decent, so I’m taking it. My goal is to finish the half marathon by the cut off time, which is 3 hours and 30 minutes. I’ve been really stressing about this the past few weeks, so it was a great feeling to know that as long as nothing catastrophic happens on race day, I should definitely make it across the finish line before the race officials are forced to pull me off the course. Now, I just have to worry about being able to walk the day after the race. I’m so sore!!!

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4 thoughts on “My First Six Mile Long Run

  1. You go girl! I hope you are proud of your 6 miles!! I too, am training for my first half-marathon. I used to think 10 miles would be a challenge, and now I am at the point where yes, it is a challenge, but one I have conquered many times. The cut-off time for my half-marathon is 3 hours and I am aiming for 2:45:00. I was so nervous that I would not make the 3 hour time, but the more I’ve trained, the more I feel confident that my goal is reachable. Keep at it! I used to think my 12:35 min pace was slow to other runners, but I found it is perfect for me. Don’t feel discouraged about your time. Your time is good and it will only keep getting better. Good luck and keep on running!! (PS, I live in NY and just got running sneakers from JackRabbits. They find the right shoe for you by having you run as cameras record. Best investment was getting a good running pair!)

    • Lauren, thanks so much! I’m going at this solo and often don’t feel like I know what I’m doing, so your kind and encouraging words mean a lot! Congrats on all of your accomplishments! When is your half?

  2. Congrats on your longest run. It’s an amazing feeling. And that looks just like my stats for last night, too. I’m back to running after recovery and I’m really slow. But this was the first six I’ve done in a long long time. Oh well.

    And yes, probably time to get some new shoes.

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