Be Real Shoes

In my quest to become more fit and healthy, I’ve learned a lot about running these past couple years. One thing I wasn’t very familiar with was minimalist running, which is like barefoot running but you protect your feet from the elements, like dirt, water, and rocks, by wearing minimalist shoes. I was recently contacted by Be Real Shoes to test out a pair of their shoes, so I figured I’d give it a try!

The Be Real Shoe is a 3-in-1 minimalist shoe. It’s meant as an urban running shoe, a trail shoe, and even a water shoe. It’s made of lightweight material and has a 100% rubber sole, so it’s completely recyclable.


To really get a feel for how the shoes would perform, I decided to test them out on pebbled pavement. I loved how comfortable the fit is. I could feel a good amount of cushioning offered by the rubber soles in my toes and balls of my feet. I also really liked that there is no separation of the toes.



I can see it being a great shoe to wear in the water. I’m still experiencing foot pain, so I’m not sure I’ll continue to use the shoes on hard surfaces at the moment, but I can see this being the perfect water shoe. I’m looking forward to testing the shoes out at the beach this summer.

Check out Be Real Shoes on their website, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. There are some great videos on their YouTube channel that demonstrate how the shoes perform on different surfaces, including rocky grounds, trails, and pavement.

Disclaimer: Be Real Shoes contacted me and provided me a pair of shoes to review. I was not paid for my participation. All opinions are my own.




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