Kidney Transplant

My fiancé, Mark, is currently going through the process of waiting for a kidney transplant. Follow our story and read about kidney health from a first-hand perspective.

Know Your Numbers: Keep a Blood Pressure Journal

Getting on the Kidney Transplant List: The Screening Process Unveiled

The Importance of a Low-Sodium Diet (my guest post on The Lean Green Bean)

2013 Northern Virginia Kidney Walk

Walking for Our Kidneys: An HLB Giveaway for a Great Cause

A High Sodium Diet: The Scary Truth


One thought on “Kidney Transplant

  1. Living Kidney Donors Network is a non-profit organization that helps those in need of a kidney transplant. There’s information on the LKDN home page, about developing a Kidney Kampaign…and click on the link to a recording of a recent webinar, I know you’ll learn much from this presentation. You’ll also find many additional documents to read by following this link: Follow us on Facebook…we post articles and other information that you should find helpful. You could also post any questions that you have ….and feel free to join in on the conversations when you can help others.

    Harvey Mysel
    Founder, Living Kidney Donors Network

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