Ten Miles Strong

It’s no joke. I conquered ten miles this morning! What an awesome feeling!

10 miles completed

I didn’t set out to run ten miles today. I was feeling kind of funky when I woke up and felt the need to just get out there and run and clear my head. I knew that being outside would help, especially since this 65 degree day was absolutely gorgeous.

When I got to the park, I decided to just run and see what happened. I’m still doing the Galloway method of running and walking, which I’m finding really helps me achieve that distances that I need to. I reached six miles before I knew it, and figured that four more miles was very doable.

Once I reached eight miles, my feet were hurting. A LOT. I definitely need to get those new shoes stat so that I have time to break them in before the big day next month.

The last two miles were probably the longest, hardest, and most painful miles I have run to date, but the exhilaration that I experienced was worth it all.

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