Rain, Pain, and Toughing It Out

It’s been a while since I checked in, so I thought I would recap the latest happenings.

We celebrated Mark’s birthday in a big way. After the lows of last year, I decided it was time that he experience some highs. I made a mental note and tucked it away in my brain when he mentioned that flying a plane was on his bucket list. The local airport offers flying lessons, so I set him up with an introductory lesson as a birthday gift. I will never be able to properly explain his reaction when I revealed that he would soon be thousands of feet up in the air. It was priceless and something I will never forget. As I watched him take off in that plane, I shed a tear and smiled, knowing that he was living his dream.

airplane flying

I got a new job. It’s with the same company, but it’s a move up. While this change is a bit nerve-wracking, it’s something that has been much needed for a very long time. I was feeling really unhappy where I was, and I know that was impacting other areas of my life, including getting healthy. I was miserable and one of the few things that would make me happy was eating. I just felt stuck and had no motivation to get moving. Now that I have something new to look forward to, it’s like a sense of freedom. I know this is a step in the right in the direction for me. I have a feeling this will be the motivation that I need to get moving in the other areas of my life that I want to improve.

Remember the dresser drawer garden that I mentioned a couple weeks ago? Well, guess what? We have our first tomato! It’s a tiny one, but it’s growing growing growing! There’s also sprouts on the zucchini, squash, and bell pepper plants. I can’t wait until I can pick and enjoy them all.

tomato in garden

My Biggest Loser 5k is coming up in roughly three weeks. I haven’t been training like I should, so I contemplated skipping it. But this is something that I always tend to do. I push something off until later, even though I know I’m capable now. So I decided that I’m going to do it. The 5k is a run/walk, so I really shouldn’t be nervous about it. I’m going to do the best I can and that’s all I can do.

To prep for the 5k, I went to one of my favorite places to run this morning. Unfortunately, the running path that I usually take is under construction, so I took a bit of a detour. It’s a path that I was unfamiliar with, and I wasn’t feeling super comfortable running it by myself. It was a bit secluded nestled in the woods. I thought about turning back, but I spotted another female runner who looked like she was a veteran of this running path. Once she was a good distance in front of me, I decided to follow.

I alternated between running and walking for almost an hour as I followed the unexpectedly long running route that meandered through the park. I was happy to have the safety net of another runner who was close by, but boy did she put me through the wringer. I think I ended up doing at least a 5k, which is a distance I haven’t completed in quite a while. Plus my right foot is still giving me problems. After thirty minutes, I was hurting. I thought about turning back half way through, but decided to keep going. Then the rain started.

By the time I made it back to my car, I was hobbling, wet, and covered in sweat. Although I was hurting, I was so happy that I toughed it out. Had this been a few months, or even weeks, ago, I would have given up. But I didn’t this time. It’s another one of those a-ha moments that makes me realize that in the very trying situations in my life, both minor and major, if I just stick it out everything will work out in the end. All of the rain and pain is worth it when it blossoms into a new beginning.

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