Going to Bootcamp

So, after talking myself out of it for months, I decided to take the plunge.

Best Body Online Personal Training

Last weekend, I registered for Tina Reale’s Best Body Bootcamp. At first, I was nervous because strength training has always been really foreign to me. I’m comfortable with a treadmill. But weights? Not so much. I have a few pairs of weights at home that I use sporadically. I often make up my own workouts, having no clue if the ten million reps that I’m doing are doing anything worthwhile.

I always wanted the luxury of a personal trainer, but this service is way out of my price range right now. I do much better with a structured plan, and I knew that was the only way I was going to stay on track with my weight loss goal.

After reading rave reviews about Best Body Bootcamp, I knew that I had to try it.

First up, the starting progress stats and fitness test.

Apparently, the scale had a ball with April Fools Day when it told me a few days ago that I weigh 147 lbs. Turns out, I’m really 152 lbs. Boo.

The other measurements were just plain bad. I never bothered with the measurements in the past, but it was a definite reality check. Seeing it on paper made it real for the first time. I might share these in the future, but for now I’m keeping them private. I’m a bit ashamed of some of the measurements, but I know that with hard work I can make improvements.

The fitness test wasn’t any prettier. I can’t wait to see what my future muscles will do with these results in a few weeks. Hopefully kick them to the curb!

BBB Fitness Test Results

The program goes for eight weeks. It’s a mix of cardio and three strength training routines that we receive each week. I remember looking at the list of exercises and thinking there’s no way I can do this. A straight arm plank with leg raise? Really? A surrender squat?? That just sounds incredibly scary!  I watched the how-to videos and was intimidated, but I gave myself a pep talk. I told myself I could do it. And guess what? I did it! Woohoo! Confidence booster right there!

I’m half way into Week 1, and I can honestly say that my butt has been kicked. The moves are really challenging! My body is so sore. And not just one part of my body. My WHOLE body. I’m having a lot of trouble going up and down stairs right now. Getting in and out of my car? Ouch. But it’s a good feeling. I know that Tina’s plan is working.

I have high hopes for this. I really do. It’s great because she emphasizes following the plan, but doing what works for each person. I can make adjustments in the schedule depending on what I’m doing during the week. Doing this is another way to hold myself accountable, which I desperately need to do to succeed. So far, it’s working. I can’t wait to see what the upcoming weeks will bring.

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